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The National Marine Mammal Foundation and our collaborators are leading innovative, ethical science that are answering important questions, big and small. See the latest publications by Foundation researchers.

Conservation and Biological Research

  • Stress

    Stress has long been known to affect the health of humans and it affects the health of other animals as well. (more) >>

  • Hearing

    Hearing is crucial to most marine mammals because sound travels more effectively through water than does light. (more) >>

  • Fasting physiology

    The northern elephant seal is on land twice a year and fasts from food and water for up to four months during these periods. (more) >>


  • Dr. Forrest Gomez donates brain models

    Dr. Forrest Gomez, Foundation veterinarian will deliver two brain models which our Foundation is donating for educational purposes to the Lawrence Hall of Science of the University of California, Berkeley. (more) >>

  • Stressed Out Marine Mammals

    Stress is something most humans are all familiar with and it occurs in marine mammals as well. (more) >>


    Many dolphins get kidney stones, but no one knows why. The National Marine Mammal Foundation and our research partners are making continuous advances in diagnosing kidney stones, (more) >>

Translational Medicine