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National Marine Mammal Foundation veterinarians are revolutionizing the way we think about marine mammal medicine. Our mission is to provide the best possible care to marine mammals. To achieve this goal, we are embracing the fields of human, veterinary, and environmental medicine in a Translational Health approach to marine mammal medicine which targets research at the intersect of human and marine mammal health. Medicine knows no boundaries, and there is no limit to how much we can learn from each other.  

As marine mammal veterinarians, we proudly partner with medical experts in multiple fields including the University of California San Diego, Naval Medical Center San Diego, San Diego Zoo, Dolphin Quest, Chicago Zoological Society, Hubbs-SeaWorld Institute, National Marine Fisheries Service, and many others.  

Cetacean medicine

  • Cetacean Medicine

    Our team of veterinarians specializes in cetacean medicine, focused on providing health care for dolphins under human care and then applying what we learn to wild dolphins. We utilize common medical tools and advanced techniques, from collecting a voluntary blood sample to performing a computed tomography (CT) scan (pictured above). The cetacean medicine team is focusing on neonatal & reproductive medicine, diagnostic imaging, and metabolic diseases. (more) >>

Pinniped Medicine

  • Pinniped Medicine

    From sea lions on the California coast to bearded seals in the barrows of Alaska, NMMF veterinarians are applying their medical expertise to pinniped care.  Our team provides preventive medical care to a managed population of California sea lions.  This allows us to continuously advance medicine and then apply our techniques to many species of sea lions and seals in the wild.  Our focus areas include neonatal & geriatric medicine, anesthesiology, and disease diagnostics. (more) >>